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FTO RWANDA "Kabirizi Washing Station - Lake Kivu"
1 LB
25 LBS
Frought with a history of civil war, Rwanda is arriving in the specialty coffee industry with a great cupping coffee. This selection from the Kabirizi washing station located in the Lake Kivu region,- Rutsiro and Rubavu Districts. Lake Kivu is our favorite growing area in Rwanda. The climate of the lake and the volcanic soil come together in some magical way to make deep cherry fruit tones in these lovely coffees. An extra bonus for this specific coffee is that it is certified organic and ex-Ethiopia, there is very little certified African coffees. The result is an exceptional coffee.

Fully washed and dried on raised beds.

Cup: Fruity with milk chococlate, melon and floral flavors

Full City or Vienna roast is a good starting point for this coffee.

100% Arabica -Bourbon